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About montanna rose

Montanna Rose Wedding Services was created in 2015 whilst sitting in a chemotherapy ward, wondering what I was going to do if I made it through to the other side. Six years later and look where we are!

Having had extensive experience in the corporate world, 7 years professional cake decorating, creating invitations and decorations for weddings and any other type of function you can imagine; it finally dawned on me.

I knew what I was good at and what I had a real passion for, so; why not put them together and de-stress couples big day. 

The closer the day gets...

As the big day rolls closer there seems to be so many little things your still need to organise. 

“I have to pick up my dress and shoes, I still need to organise someone to pick up my flowers. Then there are all the bridesmaid and lets not forget the guys suits and their bits and pieces”.​ Big Gasp!!

 This is where we come in, it makes sense and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Let us do your pre-wedding crazy run around. We can also be there on the day to deal with any issue that may arise, we can fix it without you worrying about anything but feeling beautiful and happily in love.

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Wedding Planner’? I always have my GO TO bag ready just in case and yes I always carry a sewing kit. Believe it or not buttons fall off at the most inappropriate times.

Why are we what you need?

At Montanna Rose we don’t just make things pretty we really are your wedding angels.

We have packages to suit all wedding sizes and budgets.

No matter how big or small, no matter what budget, we truly believe you can make just about anything beautiful with a little bit of know how. 

From start to finish we truly are here for all your needs.

Tell me about your event

Give me a call to have chat about your dream wedding day or event.